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Editor´s Picks
Indian and Chinese Drugmakers Dominate Asia Power Ranking(10/10/2017 )  (Premium)
  This Nikkei article by Akihide Anzai, which reports that Chinese drugmakers held six of the top 10 spots in the sales ranking for Asia, pressuring Indian rivals. Chinese companies are growing their sales mostly in their domestic market, which has been expanding thanks to an aging population and rising incomes.
How Shanghai Pharma Can Get High(10/10/2017 )  (Premium)
  Cardinal joins a long queue of Western firms calling time on costly Middle Kingdom forays. Should Shanghai Pharma emerge victorious, the route would be similar to that McDonald's Corp. took, according to this Bloomburg article by Nisha Gopalan, who said "in Cardinal's China defeat, Shanghai Pharma can find victory".
The Market
Sinohealth CMH: Review of Chinese Biopharmaceutical Market 2013-2016(10/13/2017 )  (Premium)
  The Chinese biopharmaceutical market has been rising consistently in the past few years, according to a new set of data released by Sinohealth CMH. The market size reached CNY 13.44 billion, up nearly 11% year on year.
CPIIC: Hospital Drug Market Growth Down Substantially in H1/2017 and Leading Players by TCs in 2016(10/13/2017 )  (Premium)
  The drug sales in representative hospitals monitored by CPIICs PDB system grew only 1.08% in the first half of this year, down sharply from 9.86% in the corresponding period in 2016. CPIIC predicts around 1% growth for representative hospital drug sales for the entire year of 2017.
Industry News
Harbour BioMed Licenses H2L2 Transgenic Mouse Platform for Four mAbs to Innovent Bio(10/13/2017 )  (Premium)
  Under the licensing agreement, Innovent Biologics has rights to use the H2L2 platform for multiple projects over a multi-year licensing term. Harbour will receive an upfront payment, fees and milestones as well as royalties based on net sales. Specific financial details were not disclosed.
CFDA to Initiate Inspection of Biochemical Drug Manufacturing(10/11/2017 )  (Premium)
  The CFDA notice requires all provincial level food and drug agencies to inspect biochemical drug manufacturers in their respective territories for compliance of the provisions in the Biochemical Drug Appendix of GMP, which was introduced in March and became effective on September 1 this year.
CSL Bets on Chinese Acquisition for China Supply Problems(10/9/2017 )  (Premium)
  Australian biotech group CSL has bought a blood collection company to fix its supply problems in China, as part of its ambition to be the countrys biggest plasma collector.
ADImmune Launches Flu Vaccine in Taiwan, Mainland China and the U.S.(10/9/2017 )  (free)
  Taiwan-based vaccine maker ADImmune Corporation () began shipping its flu vaccine to mainland China following approval of the product by the China Food and Drug Administration in late September.
FountainVest Bids Against Shanghai Pharma for Cardinal's China Business(10/9/2017 )  (Premium)
  Private equity firm FountainVest Partners Co. is vying with a state-owned pharmaceutical group to acquire Cardinal Health Inc.'s Chinese distribution unit, which could fetch more than $1 billion, people familiar with the matter said.
Regulatory News
CFDA, NHFPC Issue Joint Announcement for Bioequivalence Study By Drug Clinical Trial Institutions(10/13/2017 )  (Premium)
  The CFDA and the NHFPC issued a joint document, Announcement for Bioequivalence Studies To Be Carried Out by Drug Clinical Trial Institutions (2017#119) on October 13.
CFDA Releases List of Reference Formulations for Generic Drug Equivalence Studies (9th and 10th Batches)(10/13/2017 )  (Premium)
  The CFDA issued on July 21 the List of Reference Formulations for Generic Drug Quality and Efficacy Studies (9th and 10th Batches) following review of the relevant expert panels.
Speech Made by CFDA Minister Bi at the National Conference for Drug Review and Approval System Reform(10/12/2017 )  (Premium)
  Speech Made by Minister Bi Jingquan at the National Videophone Conference on Deepening the Review and Approval System Reform and Encouraging the Drug and Medical Device Innovation
CFDA Issues New Document on Adjustment of Import Drug Registration Related Matters(10/10/2017 )  (Premium)
  The CFDA released a new policy, CFDA Decision on Adjusting Import Drug Registration Related Matters, which aims to encourage synchronized international and domestic clinical trials of non-marketed foreign drugs so as to shorten the gap of foreign and domestic new drug launch time and to better satisfy clinical needs of the public.
General Health
Latest State Council Meeting Renews Public Hospital Reform Push(10/9/2017 )  (Premium)
  China will carry forward public hospital reform to optimize medical care resources for public health, according to a decision at a State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on October 9.
Legal/IPR News
DSM Sinochem Pharma Sues Numerous Chinese API Firms for Patent Infringements(10/9/2017 )  (Premium)
  DSM Sinochem Pharma announced on October 9 a lawsuit against CSPC Pharma Group, Inner Mongolia Changsheng Pharma and CSPC Zhangnuo Pharma for patent infringement in the District Court of The Hague, Afdeling Handel.
People in the News
Recent Executive Moves(10/13/2017 )  (Premium)
  Recent Chinese pharma related executive movements at companies including C-Bridge Capital, AstraZeneca, Merck KGaA, Chi-Med, Ascentage Pharma, China Meheco and Lisheng Pharma.
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