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Editor´s Picks
Chinese Trade Barriers Move into Trump's Focus(3/14/2018 )  (Premium)
  Yhe Trump administration is preparing a new package of tariffs on imports to the United States as early as next week, this time targeting more than 100 Chinese products.Meanwhile, this DW article provides a list of trade barriers that China contends are necessary to protect it as a developing country from the competition.
China Prepares for Big Pharma(3/13/2018 )  (Premium)
  This The Diplomat article by Zachary Torrey explains why "pharmaceuticals is a target industry under the 'Made in China 2025' plan".
The Market
China's Fibromyalgia Market Projected To Grow 18.7% CAGR Till 2022(3/15/2018 )  (free)
  Rising awareness among the Chinese population is to boost the Chinese Fibromyalgia market growth at a CAGR of 18.7% during the forecast period 2017-2022, according to a new report from Market Research Future, Cooked Research Report on Chinese Fibromyalgia Market.
Industry News
HitGen and BASF Enter DNA-Encoded Library Based Research Collaboration(3/15/2018 )  (Premium)
  BASF and HitGen Ltd. have entered into a research collaboration to identify novel, small molecule leads for targets of agrochemical interest to BASF. In this collaboration, HitGen will apply its advanced technology platform, based on DNA-encoded library design, synthesis and screening, to discover novel leads for BASF.
United Biopharma Boosts China Presence with New Biologic Facility in Yangzhou(3/13/2018 )  (Premium)
  Taiwan-based United Biopharma (UBP) partnered with GE Healthcare Life Sciences to build a biologics facility in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, according to a report of The Pharma Letter.
Eisai Launches GI Prokinetic Agent Cidine in China(3/13/2018 )  (Premium)
  .Eisai Co., Ltd. announced on March 14 the launch of the gastrointestinal prokinetic agent Cidine (Cinitapride Hydrogen Tartrate) in China. Cidine is a gastrointestinal prokinetic agent discovered by Almirall which Eisai licensed in 2010.
Boehringer Launches IPF Drug Vargatef (nintedanib) in China(3/13/2018 )  (Premium)
  Boehringer Ingelheim announced the launch of its Vargatef (nintedanib capsule) for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) in China. The drug was approved in September 2017 by the CFDA and the fourth BI product approved in China last year.
Novo Nordisk Launches New Insulin Degludec Tresiba in China(3/13/2018 )  (Premium)
  Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk has announced on March 13 that it has launched Tresiba, a new insulin degludec, in China. The drug was approved by the China Food and Drug Administration to treat diabetes in September 2017.
Hua Medicine Plans $400M Hong Kong IPO(3/13/2018 )  (Premium)
  Chinese drug developer Hua Medicine is planning to raise at least $400 million in an initial public offering in Hong Kong in the latest in a series of biotech floats in the city, said people with knowledge of the matter.
Regulatory News
CFDA Issues Pharmaceutical Research Guidance for Phase III Trials of Innovative Chemical Drugs(3/16/2018 )  (Premium)
  In an effort to raise China*s new drug R&D and review quality and efficiency, the CFDA Issued the Pharmaceutical Research Information Guidance for Phase III Trials of Innovative New Drugs (Chemical Drugs) (2018#48) on March 16.
CFDA Issues Technical Guidelines for Genotoxicity Study of Drugs(3/15/2018 )  (Premium)
  The CFDA has issued the new edition of Technical Guidelines for Genotoxicity Study of Drugs (2018#50) on March 15, replacing the previous edition which was introduced in 2007.
CFDA Seeks Comments on Matters Related to Custom Clearance of APIs and Excipients(3/14/2018 )  (Premium)
  The CFDA released a draft document, Announcement on Matters Related to Custom Clearance of APIs and Excipients, on March 14 and is now seeking public comments. Feedbacks need to be returned before March 28 via email.
China Reorganizes Drug Regulation in Gigantic Government Shakeup(3/13/2018 )  (Premium)
  After about five years as a standalone agency, the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) will merge into a gigantic State Market Regulatory Administration, with drug regulation as a new, second-tier bureau underneath.
CDE Solicits Comments for Proposed Technical Guidance Documents(3/13/2018 )  (Premium)
  The Center for Drug Evaluation under the CFDA (CDE) released a draft document, Technical Guidelines for Drug Injection Research and Development, on March 13 for public comments. Besides, it released a separate document, Considerations on Pharmaceutic Research and Dossiers for Clinical Trial Applications of Cell Therapy Products.
CDE Seeks Feedbacks on Draft Rules for of Drug R&D and Evaluation Communication(3/12/2018 )  (Premium)
  The Center for Drug Evaluation under the CFDA (CDE) released a draft regulation, Rules for Drug R&D and Evaluation Communication, on March 11 and is now seeking public comments.
General Health
The New Boss on the Block: State Medical Insurance Administration (SMIA)(3/16/2018 )  (Premium)
  While many details of the government reorganization are still missing and it remains to be seen how broad the SMIA will be empowered in terms of healthcare regulation and price setting. Meanwhile, Chinese healthcare analysts are already making various predictions.
China Reshuffles Central Government, Overhauling Healthcare, BMI and Drug Regulation(3/13/2018 )  (Premium)
  China unveiled a major cabinet reshuffle on March 13, to make the government better-structured, more efficient, and service-oriented. The institutional reform plan of the State Council was submitted to the ongoing first session of the 13th National People's Congress for deliberations.
Product/R&D News
CMBG Announces Positive 48-Week Data of AlloJoin haMPC Knee Osteoarthritis China Phase I Trial(3/16/2018 )  (free)
  Cellular Biomedicine Group Inc. (NASDAQ:CBMG) announced on March 16 48-week clinical data from the Phase I clinical trial in China for its allogeneic adipose-derived mesenchymal progenitor cell off-the-shelf therapy AlloJoin for Knee Osteoarthritis (KOA).
Chi-Med On Its Way for First Drug Approval in China This Year(3/13/2018 )  (Premium)
  AIM-listed cancer drug developer Hutchison China MediTech expects this year will see fruquintinib become China*s first approved Tyrosine-Kinase inhibitor. A new drug application submitted to the CDE in June 2017 is undergoing technical reviews and manufacturing inspections.
API/Bulk Drug News
Stada: Pollution Crackdown in China Led to Pharma Supply Challenges(3/13/2018 )  (Premium)
  China has closed tens of thousands of manufacturing plants across the country in an effort to reduce serious air pollution, and generics maker Stada says China*s crackdown has created supply problems.
People in the News
Recent Official and Executive Moves(3/15/2018 )  (Premium)
  Recent China healthcare related official and executive moves at agencies and companies including NHFPC, Novo Nordisk China, Eli Lilly, Medtronic, Medlinker/MSD, and CASI Pharma/Roche China.
Recent Executive Moves(3/12/2018 )  (Premium)
  Chinese pharma-related executive movements at companies including Zai Lab, Amgen Chin and Sciclone.
Other News
Upcoming Event: International Conferences on Medical & Surgical Nursing(3/12/2018 )  (free)
  International Conferences on Medical & Surgical Nursing will be held on August 15 每 17, 2018 in Singapore.
Upcoming Event: 5th Annual PharmaCon Asia(3/12/2018 )  (free)
  5th Annual PharmaCon Asia will be held on September 18 每 21, 2018 in Singapore.
Upcoming Event: ISPE Singapore Conference and Exhibition 2018(3/12/2018 )  (free)
  ISPE Singapore Conference and Exhibition 2018 will be held on August 29 每 31, 2018 in Suntec Singapore, Singapore.
Upcoming Event: Biopharma Development and Production Week(3/12/2018 )  (free)
  Biopharma Development and Production Week will be held on May 15 每 17, 2018 in Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel, Shanghai, China.
Upcoming Event: 4th Annual Asia Healthcare Summit(3/12/2018 )  (free)
  4th Annual Asia Healthcare Summit will be held on May 8 每 11, 2018 in One Farrer Hotel & Spa, Singapore.
Upcoming Event: International conference on Pulmonary Medicine and Respiratory Diseases(3/12/2018 )  (free)
  International conference on Pulmonary Medicine and Respiratory Diseases will be held on September 17 每 19, 2018 in Osaka, Japan.
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