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    Unsolicited Testimonials from Pharma China Subscribers 12/5/2017

    These subscriber testimonials were not requested and were given voluntarily by clients in our routine customer service communications.

    I look forward to reading your next pearl of wisdom (referring to the monthly editorial written by James Shen)” – Senior regional executive, AstraZeneca

    "I consider Pharma China as the best publication on industry and I love your incisive editorials" - GM, Ranbaxy China

    I frequently hear comments saying I have the best understanding of China market amongst all GMs of Ranbaxy and the only one to speak Mandarin as well - I need to mention here that a large part of my recent learning of the market especially regulations and insights was through Pharma China. Your editorials are wonderful reads as well.” – General Manager, Ranbaxy China

    "Your insightful and comprehensive coverage of the China pharma industry is well appreciated, and it's particularly helpful for a newcomer (like me) trying to get a handle on the marketplace" - Senior BD executive, Wyeth

    "I have just read your piece on the SFDA scandal - I hope you have a bodyguard.  I will be proud to be on the board of a publication with such a fearless editor-in-chief!" - Principal, Brychem Business Consulting and member of Pharma China's advisory board  

    Your services bring much additional value to my work!” – Business Development Director, Ipsen

    I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate you on the success of Pharma China. During my last 7 years in China it was a great source of information” – General Manager, Solvay Pharma China

    I find your news coverage very insightful.  Your China Pharmaceutical Guide also attract our business leaders here” – Government Affairs Director, Johnson & Johnson China/XiAn Janssen Pharma

    How useful your insightful commentary on China dynamics is!” – Business Development Executive, Pfizer

    "I read Pharma China religiously every month" - Senior executive, FibroGen

    "Fantastic report/book!" (referring to China Pharmaceutical Guide 2008) - GM, PharmaLink China

    "Thank You. You do terrific work!" - Official, US Dept. of Commerce

    Thank you for your brilliant magazine!  It has been very useful, also the pharmaceutical guide …” and “Thank you very much for your help, I truly appreciate it! Wow, the actual report as well, I am speechless - thank you.” – Business develop executive, Orion Group

    Thanks for your first class coverage!” – Senior consultant, Double Helix Development

    I think your publication is providing not only timely news but also providing a lot of insight in the pharma sector in China and I value your editorial which is always open and critical, something which is not always easy to do in a country like China.” - Director | Advisory Consulting Business, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

    I found your report (referring to China Pharmaceutical Guide) to contain a wealth of useful information and very well written. Great job and thank you!” – Director,
    Knowledge Discovery & Management, Merck & Co.

    Compliments with the September issue of Pharma China, as usual a great overview of the major happenings and a very strong editorial!” - General Manager, Greater China, Invida International                                                                            

    I really love these newsletters, I am learning so much each month.” – Manager of Competitive & Scientific Intelligence, GSK Consumer Healthcare

    I have to say that your web has been helping me a lot on works.” – Business Director, ISP Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

    Your article was very good (referring to the monthly editorial written by James Shen)” – China Country Manager, Biogen Idec

    Appreciate your well written reviews … we could get together for a chat?SVP and Head of Marketing and Strategy, MSD China

    Well done! Thanks!” – General Manager, Eisai China

    I read several pages now and found that this report (China Pharmaceutical Guide) is very good.– Head of Competitive Intelligence, Takeda

    This subscription has been really useful for me in understanding the market trend. Really appreciate your efforts.” – GM, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories China

    The information presented by Pharma China has been very useful to us, and we hate to live without it.” – Analyst, Boston Consulting Group

    Keep up the good work - your intro summary (referring to our monthly editorial) is always a very good read and good summary of what is going in the market.” – Director, McKinsey & Co. Shanghai

    Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on Pharma China great quality. Indeed, I have been in China now for close to 13 years all along working in the Pharma Industry and I have seen many publications: Pharma China is definitely the best among all. You provide consistently great quality and content, topics are always very in tune with the market and your monthly editorial very much giving the pulse of the market but also your personal analysis which is always spot on. Thanks a lot to you and your team also is making this great quality publication available for the industry.” – Director Consumer Healthcare, Cardinal Health China

    I enjoy your work very much!” – Managing Director, China Healthcare Research, Cowen & Co.

    Many thanks! I have been always enjoyed reading Pharma China!” – Senior Director and Head of Ferring Development Centre, Beijing.

    It's been a real pleasure working with you and your team. Your insight in policy and industry analysis is of great help. Thank you for your continuous support.” - Government Affairs Manager, Global Government Affairs, Abbvie (formerly Abbott Laboratories).

    This package (referring to Pharma China gold package) helped us very much for getting updated drug news in English during the past year. – Official, USFDA China Office. 

    Pharma China is highly recognized by Baxter China with most up-to-date insight about China Healthcare market dynamics and Pharma industry evolution. Your chief editorial report is one of the most valuable part for our leadership team to learn across local organization and further communicate upstream across the company. Thank you and Pharma China for great work, and I look forward to great collaboration moving forward. - Region Head, Greater China, Baxter (China) Investment Co. Ltd.

    “I have found Pharma China to be a very useful resource over the past year” Member, Expert Advisory Group for the United Nations Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Access to Medicines.

    “I just read your May (2017) issue of the Pharma China journal – very valuable insight” – Head of APAC, Hikma Pharmaceuticals

    “It (referring to WiCON|Pharma China) is a very valuable tool for my daily work here in China” - Director Business Development Asia - Representative Asia, LTS LOHMANN Therapie-Systeme AG

    I want to thank you for being such a great source of knowledge during my 3 years in China.  You are one of the rare people writing in English who really sees what is going on and the implications.  Congratulations on your very successful work.” – Senior BD Director, Pfizer China

    “I really enjoyed reading Pharma China. The information is really update-to date, and it always provides good insights on what is going on in China.” - JAAPAC Market Access Manager, AbbVie. 

    Please feel free to download a PDF version of these testimonials

    Testimonials from subscribers.pdf

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