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    Pharma China Announces the Launch of Online Databases 12/15/2007
    October 11, 2007 - Pharma China, the most influential English media and intelligence service covering China's pharmaceutical sector, announced today the completion and launch, as promised and ahead of schedule, of Pharma China Online Databases (Deals/Disputes/IPO Monitor, Regulatory Monitor and New Drug R&D Monitor) with their initial data sets tracking back data from mid-2005.

    All Pharma China gold package and platinum package subscribers can now enjoy complimentary access to the three premium online databases as of October 11. Other subscribers (including subscribers of our web edition, journal edition and China Pharmaceutical Guide) will need to upgrade their memberships to gold or platinum packages in order to gain access to the premium databases. These three premium online databases are not available for standalone subscription.
    The following is a brief introduction of Pharma China Online Databases:
    1. Deals/Disputes/IPOs Monitor - This database records all major pharma industry events relating to China in the areas of agreements (technology transfer, licensing, marketing & sales, M&A, JV, etc.), disputes (lawsuits and disputes), IPOs of Chinese companies (mainly overseas IPOs). Records are carefully categorized using various user-oriented criterias to ensure maximum information provision and searchability.
    2. Regulatory Monitor - This database records laws, regulations, rules and important notices affecting the pharmaceutical industry from all Chinese government departments, and summaries of them are provided to our best efforts. Records are carefully classified using various user-oriented criterias  to ensure maximum information provision and searchability.
    3. New Drug R&D Monitor - We monitor the press around the world for news relating to new drug R&D in China, and this database records our research results and categorize them using various user-oriented criterias to ensure maximum information provision and search capability. However, we recommend that this database to be used only as a supplement to your other new drug R&D related intelligence as our base for this database is not as strong as our other databases largely due to the fact that much of the new drug R&D related information are often not available through news channels. However, we will continue to look for ways to improve the coverage and usefulness of this database.
    4. Service Provider Directory - This is a free database for all containing essential information about premiere service providers to international pharma companies in China, and our database is designed to help users find suitable services providers easily. Data-entry into this database is continuing, and we encourage service providers to submit their information to us for free listing.
    Finally, our initial data sets in these databases are mainly drawn from news and intelligence dated between mid-2005 and now. We will seek to input more historical data where possible, but will concentrate our efforts on the input of new data as and when new events unfold.
    For further information, customized upgrade quotes, or assistance please contact:
    James Shen, Publisher, Pharma China 
    Tel: +1 570 5883854
    Fax: +1 702-995-3905
    David Xue, Exclusive Agent for China
    Tel: +86 13911325130, +86 10 85300937
    Fax: +86 10 85300938
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