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    Brychem and WiCON Launch SNAPI (Database-driven SiNo API Intelligence) 9/28/2007
    July 25, 2007 - Brychem Business Consulting, a leading consulting firm in the field of API sourcing worldwide, and WiCON International, a leading business information publisher specializing in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry and market, officially launched SNAPI - Database-driven SiNo API Intelligence.
    SNAPI is a database of Chinese API products and producers available in CD-ROM and online access versions.  The database has entailed years of research by a dedicated market research team jointly set up by the two companies. 
    The database provides comprehensive information on China? API production which are verified and updated routinely by Brychem/WiCON? research staff through desk and field research.  Some of its features include:
      ♦ A large number of carefully produced company profiles, contact information

      ♦ Thousands of APIs and intermediates and their producers

      ♦ Company regulatory compliance information including DMFs, COSs and other 

      ♦ Searchable by company, by API or by intermediate (common name or CAS 

      ♦ Searchable by company name, and province name

    "The database will address the ongoing problems of poor transparency of, and a chronic shortage of accurate and up-to-date information on the Chinese API industry", said James Shen, President of WiCON International Group. 
    "With this new database products, international companies will learn the background of the companies they are dealing with, what are their regulatory compliance, manufacturing capabilities and core strengths, who are the leading manufacturers of specific products in China, and more", Shen declared.  "It will also help companies filter out trading companies and reduce middle layers", he added.
    For more information about the product or its pre-publication offer, please contact:

    Dr Rob Bryant
    Brychem Business Consulting
    34 The Drive, Orpington
    Kent BR6 9AP, United Kingdom
    Phone:+44 1689 600 501 Fax: +44 1689 897 786
    Weblink: http://www.brychem.co.uk/pcbc.asp
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