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    WiCON Launches Pharma China News Service 9/27/2006
    Beijing, China, September 27, 2006 – WiCON International, a leading business information publisher specializing in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry and market, officially launched “Pharma China News Service” on September 28.
    This news service in English is designed to cater for the growing needs of the international pharmaceutical industry for up-to-date and insightful information on China’s complex but burgeoning pharmaceutical marketplace.  WiCON had been the co-publisher of IMS China Update (a monthly newsletter well-known to international players in China) co-published by IMS and WiCON between 1993 and 2002.
    The Pharma China News Service has two core components:
    1. Pharma China (PDF and Print) - A monthly business journal providing latest news, inside stories, in-depth analysis of issues and trends, and expert insights on China’s pharmaceutical industry and market. 
    2. Pharma China Online - A continuously-updated online news service providing comprehensive coverage of China's pharmaceutical and healthcare sector as and when major news and events occur.  The entire content of Pharma China (monthly journal) is available online.
    “Despite the rapid growth and rising global importance of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry and market, China remains one of the most complex and challenging pharmaceutical markets in the world with ever-changing regulatory and market environments”, said James Shen, President of WiCON International Group. 
    “In order for the management of international pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical service companies, including managers based in the country and in the headquarters, to make informed and timely decisions”, he said, “it is important for them to be continuously updated with the latest trends and developments in the Chinese healthcare sector, and to learn about the views of industry experts and insiders on various important issues or trends.”
    “Not only Pharma China News Service can completely fulfill this need, but also it can serve as an independent third-party information source in English for expatriate managers in China and for senior executives in the regional or global headquarters”, Shen added. 
    “Instead of having to deal with uncertainties, Pharma China News Service will put expatriate and senior executives back to the driver seat and enable them make truly informed decisions”, he stressed. 
    For more information, please visit www.pharmachinaonline.com and/or contact:
    James J. Shen
    President & CEO
    WiCON International Group
    Tel: +1 570-588-3854
    Fax: +1 702-995-3905 or 570-588-3213
    e-mail: jshen@pharmachinaonline.com

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