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    WiCON launches China Healthcare Information Center 9/20/2005
    September 9, 2005, Beijing -- Wicon’s China Healthcare Information Center website is officially opened today.  The website is hosted by Wicon Pharmaceutical (HK) Ltd. with a purpose to provide our target readers (middle to senior level executives of the international pharmaceutical industry) with selected and critical news about China’s healthcare sector and market.

    Experts at Wicon’s China Healthcare Information Center screens, processes, edits and re-organizes a massive amount of relevant information about China’s healthcare sector collected from newspapers, industry magazines, journals and newsletters, internet and many other information sources, and finally condensing them into a format that can help our readers to grasp an overview and the latest developments of China’s healthcare market within a short time frame. Our goal is to help our target readers feel every pulse of China’s healthcare sector within 30 minutes a week. 

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