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    WiCON Creates LinkedIn Group "Friends of Pharma China" 8/2/2012
    Beijing, August 2, 2012 - WiCON International Group LLC, the publisher of WiCON | Pharma China and China Pharmaceutical Guide, is pleased to announce the creation of a LinkedIn Group, Friends of Pharma China (http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4553061&trk=hb_side_g).

    We strive to build an exclusive community of pharma executives with responsibilities in China healthcare, an active forum of business ideas and evaluations, and a high-caliber business opportunity/pharma service exchange platform for our elite clientele, their friends, other pharma executives with substantial China responsibilities, friends and LinkedIn contacts of Pharma China publisher James Shen, 13 distinguished members of Pharma China's advisory board and their friends, as well as selected premiere service providers to the global pharmaceutical industry. 

    The theme of the group centers on contemporary business opportunities, trends, issues and challenges in the Chinese pharmaceutical and healthcare space.  Through posted information, as well as brainstorming, discussions, networking and exchanges among seasoned executives with outstanding experience and dedicated responsibilities in Chinese pharma/healthcare, we seek to provide group members with preliminary but essential information, communications, peer advices and resources required to navigate through China's burgeoning but extremely complex healthcare marketplace.

    Backed by Pharma China, we will post weekly Chinese pharmaceutical and healthcare headlines and breaking news alerts (access to premium Pharma China contents not included), selected feature articles over Chinese pharma/healthcare and recommended readings. Group members can also access Pharma China’s Directory of China Pharma Providers (containing hundreds of service providers catering for multinational pharmaceutical companies with activities in China) and become basic members of Pharma China web edition (with access to free articles) upon request. 

    We encourage all group members to post feature articles or comments related to China healthcare and participate in the discussions and surveys. However, we do reserve the right to review posts and remove unapproved promoted contents or those violating laws and regulations as well as commonly-accepted business ethics.

    Please visit http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4553061&trk=hb_side_g to join Friends of Pharma China today.
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