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WiCON International Group
311 Sayre Drive,
Princeton, NJ 08540, USA
Tel/Fax: +1 702-9953905

China Head Office
c/o Beijing Jicai PharmTech
Suite B-17D, Oriental Kenzo Plaza
48 Dongzhimenwai Dajie
Dongcheng District
Beijing 100027, China
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Fax: +86 10 84476010
Other News
Upcoming Event: Asia Biopharma Continuous Manufacturing & Process Innovation Conference 2019

Event: the Asia Biopharma Continuous Manufacturing & Process Innovation Conference 2019

Dates: September 19 20, 2019

Venue: Holiday Inn Shanghai Jinxiu, Shanghai, China

Weblink: www.bagevent.com/event/5520024?bag_track=bagevent

Contact: Ricky Li

Tel: +86 176 1215 7947

Email: rickyli@chujietech.com 


Continuous manufacturing is considered as a new trend in future, it has the potential to increase the efficiency, flexibility, agility and robustness of manufacturing by reducing the number of steps and holds, utilizing smaller equipment and facilities, improving product quality and enabling real-time release. China has a big market in bio-manufacturing, many Chinese bio companies are catching their eyes on continuous bioprocessing. In this process, the single use technologies have been widely adopted when accomplish a completed continuous manufacturing.


Under this background, The Asia Biopharma Continuous Manufacturing & Process Innovation Conference 2019 invites experts from FDA, Universities, Biopharmaceuticals, Research Institutes, and Solution Providers in bioprocessing to share their latest endeavors in developing up- and down-stream continuous bioprocesses from lab to GMP, and in exploring strategies and technology enablers for continuous bioprocessing of novel products, process intensification and advanced process controls.


Key topics:

  •  Regulatory Updates and Quality Consideration in CM
  • Asia Biologics Trend and Manufacturing Challenges
  • Continuous Bioprocessing and Single Use Technologies in Up-and Down-Stream
  • Integrated continuous manufacturing case study
  • Cell Culture, Perfusion/Chromatography application
  • Bio-Manufacturing 4.0, Automation and Digitalization
  • CMC Requirements in CM
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