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Other News
Upcoming Event: 5th World Congress on Epigenetics and Chromosome

Event: 5th World Congress on Epigenetics and Chromosome

Dates: November 15 16, 2018

Venue: Renaissance Polat Istanbul Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

Weblink: https://epigenetics.geneticconferences.com/

Contact: Daniel Smith

Email: epigeneticscongress2018@gmail.com


Epigenetics Congress 2018 invites all the participants from all over the world to attend 5th World Congress on Epigenetics and chromosome during November 15-16, 2018, Istanbul, Turkey. The principal objective of this congress is to provide a platform for cutting-edge research in epigenetics and chromosome. Through energize sessions and plenty of networking, you will learn to be more brave and audacious than you are now and free to develop your mind, increase your business, and change your bottom-line in positive way.

Conference Highlights: 

·         Epigenetics

·         Epigenetics Disorders

·         Cancer Epigenetics

·         Behavioral Epigenetics

·         Animal Epigenetics

·         Plant Epigenetics

·         Cytogenetics

·         Chromatin and Chromosome Dynamics

·         Epigenetics and Medicine

·         Epigenetic Therapy

·         Epigenetics in Nervous System

·         Computational and System Genetics

·         Genomes and Epigenomes

·         Epigenetic in Aging

·         Transgenerational Epigenetics Inheritance

·         Population and Evolutionary Chromosome Biology

·         Human Cognition Epigenetics

·         Chromosome Biology in Agriculture

·         Epigenetic Methylation

·         Genome Architecture and Functions

Brochure: https://epigenetics.geneticconferences.com/conference-brochure.php

Abstract Submission: https://epigenetics.geneticconferences.com/abstract-submission.php

For further details visit: https://epigenetics.geneticconferences.com/

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